DDHF series

The United Pumps DDHF series are multi-stage, double casing/barrel,(API pump type; BB 5) double casing volute, opposed impeller arrangement (for axial hydraulic balance, eliminating high thrust loads on the bearings), single or double entry first-stage impeller.

The axially split inner cartridge design also allows replacement of the pumping assembly in situ. Due to the extra safety double-casing pumps provide, they are the ultimate option in low SG and/or high temperature applications where pressure is extremely high.

For Crude Charge, Boiler-feed, Water Injection and any service requiring High Pressure Heavy Duty Multi Stage Pumps.
Designed with CAE for API Nozzle Loads as evidenced by Heavy Case Feet and base pedestals

• Temperatures to 450 dg C
• Pressures to 425 barg – Higher Ratings Optional
• Opposed Impellers for Axial Thrust Balance
• Renewable case and Impeller Wear Rings
• Element Balanced as a Complete Assembly

• Tandem or Double Seals
• Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings
• Sleeve or Antifriction Radial Bearings
• Higher Nozzle Ratings & Special Facings
• Bearing Cooling
• Double Suction First Stage
• Force Feed Lubrication Console
• Oil Mist Lubrication
• Composite Material Wear Rings & Bushes
• Custom Hydraulics
• High Temperature/Pressure Ratings
• Special Materials

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