TK-TL series

Horizontal Multi-stage pumps.

The TK and TL series pumps are a Between Bearing type pump (API pump type BB 4*)  *They do not fully meet all API 610 requirements.

These pump are widely used in:
Steam boiler feeds
Fire Protection duties
Water supply
Thermal Energy generating systems
Condensate Systems
Volatile Chemicals
LPG transfer

Horizontal multi stage centrifugal ring section pumps with modular design. The stage elements are in series configuration and sealed by O-rings tightened by sturdy outer tie bolts.
Supporting feet on delivery side are integrated in the delivery nozzle casing.
Between Bearing mounted design.
Multi port outlets available
DIN flanges as standard
Suction PN10 and PN16, Outlets PN40 and PN65
Cast iron and 316SS construction
Capacity; up to 800 m3h  Heads up to 900 metres (including TKR and TKK versions)
Soft packing and Mechanical Seals
Mech Seal chamber can accommodate API 682 seals

TK range I:
TK 25/40 to TK 65/100
Capacity up to 100 m3h, head up to 400M
Soft packing. suction 12 bar, delivery 40 bar
Temp -10C to +105C

TK range II:
TK 80/125 to TK 125/150
Capacity up to 300 m3h, head up to 350M
Soft packing. suction 12 bar, delivery 40 bar
Temp -10C to +105C

TK range III:
TK 150/200 to TK 250/300
Capacity up to 800 m3h, head up to 300M
Soft packing. suction 12 bar, delivery 25 bar
Temp -10C to +105C

TKR range:
TKR 32/50 to TKR 125/150
Capacity up to 500 m3h, head up to 600M
Soft packing. suction 12 bar, delivery 64 bar
Temp -10C to +105C

TKK range:
TKK 40/65 to TKK 200/250
Capacity up to 900 m3h, head up to 900M
Soft packing. suction 25 bar, delivery 100 bar
Temp +160C

Many of these pumps were previously sold under “Spiro Flo” series and are in the field nameplated as; Harland Pumps, IEL Pumps and Indeng Pumps. United Pumps Australia fully support these heritage brand pumps with spare parts and technical back-up.

The TL and TK series are being updated and expanded over 2021.

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