Performance Testing

As well as testing our own pumps, we regularly test pumps for others as well as benchmarking tests following service and repair.
The test facility, together with our office and manufacturing workshops, is located in Sunshine, Victoria, Australia.

    1. Floor size: 1,200M2.
    2. Cranes & height: 1 x 10T, 7.6m
      1 x 5T, 6.4m
    3. Performance testing & Complete String Testing:
      Flow rate: up to 1,700m3/hr (Standard)
      Head: up to 1,800m
      NPSH: two permanent-closed loops, each with vacuum tank
    4. Pump types: high loop -top suction pumps (closed loop)
      low loop -end suct. & side suct. pumps (closed loop)
      wet pit -vertical canned pumps & sump pumps (4-6m deep)
    5. Power at 5 test beds: up to 630KW @ 415V
      up to 500KW @ 415V
      up to 90KW @ 415V
      up to 2.5MW @ 3.3kV
      up to 2.5MW @ 6.6kV (or 11kV star point connected)
      For higher power ratings contact United Pumps Australia.
    6. Instrumentation: 16-channel FFT Spectrum Analyzer;
      vibration and noise measurement equipment
    7. Other features: String testing using associated equipment and instrumentation
      Testing at 3600rpm using gearbox;
      Testing at various speeds with VSD;

Testing using client’s job motors or our test driversThis test facility is designed to meet industry centrifugal pump test requirements including API610, ANSI/HI Standard 14.6, ISO 9906, AS2417 and other general industrial standards.


United Pumps Australia control manufacture with a detailed Quality Management System, accredited by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited to AS/NZS ISO9001


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Commonly Known As: U P A
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