MSN series

The United Pumps MSN series pumps are multi-stage, axially split casing, double casing volute, opposed impeller arrangement (for axial hydraulic balance, eliminating high thrust loads on the bearings), single or double entry first-stage impeller.

They are used extensively in high-pressure applications such as refinery process pumps, transfer pumps, water injection pumps, pipelines pumps, BFW pumps, offshore MOL pumps.

The axially split design also allows the rotor to be replaced with a spare assembly without removing the pump from the piping. The rotating element can also be balanced as a complete assembly prior to installation.

For Pipeline, Boiler-feed, Water Injection and any Service requiring Heavy Duty Multi Stage Pumps.
Designed with CAE for API Nozzle Loads as evidenced by Heavy Case Feet and Base Pedestals.

• Temperatures to 200 dg C (400 dg F)
• Pressures to 150 barg (2160 psig) – Higher Ratings Optional
• Opposed Impellers for Axial Thrust Balance
• Renewable case and Impeller Wear Rings
• Element Balanced as a Complete Assembly

• Tandem or Double Seals
• Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings
• Sleeve or Antifriction Radial Bearings
• Higher Nozzle Ratings & Special Facings
• Bearing Cooling
• Double Suction First Stage
• Force Feed Lubrication Console
• Oil Mist Lubrication
• Composite Material Wear Rings & Bushes
• Custom Hydraulics
• High Temperature/Pressure Ratings
• Special Materials

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